The End is the start of a New Beginning...

The end is the start of a new beginning… This is what my 12-year-old daughter told me when she knew about the news.

I received an invitation from my line manager to meet him and the HR Director to discuss about some people moves before he travels to the Regional Office. I found it a bit strange since all the discussions and decisions were previously aligned, so I was not clear what to expect. 

The meeting was scheduled 16:00. The objective was, indeed to discuss about some people moves, in this case it was about me. I was shocked about the news, after more than 12 years of service in one of the best companies in the world, my day to leave arrived sooner than I would ever expected. In the next 15 minutes of our conversation, hundreds of memories instantly came into my mind mixed with feelings on how the future might look like now.

The next person I talked to was my wife. I gave her a call to Barcelona, I assumed that might be better to communicate this news face to face, but the phone was the fastest channel since we were living in 2 different countries and I was commuting on weekly basis. I said to her: “What I’m going to tell you now it could be the worst news of our life or the best one, it will depend on how we look at it”. She reacted extremely positive and was the first person to give me support and hope.

The news spread rapidly to all the countries in which I have worked or in which I have colleagues that I have worked with. I was happily surprised about their reaction. I started to received hundreds of calls, messages, emails (maybe the term “dozens” is more accurate J), and I just realized how privilege I was to have met so many great people from different countries and diverse cultures. I couldn’t have any other reaction but to be grateful with God and with the Company.

From the messages, I would say there were a couple of commonalities in all of them. The first was the positive impact that I had on them when we worked together and the second one was their willingness to support me in anything I might need in the future (financially, emotionally, professionally, personally, etc.). These commonalities are the main reasons that drive me to start writing this. I’m not sure if it will end with one shot post or this is just the beginning of many others. For that, we need to have some patience and see how it goes.

The reciprocity on the impact is clear for me. The learnings I got during the years are countless, some of them I have them in top of my mind some others are basically stamped in my DNA and I applied them unconsciously. I want to document those learnings here and those that I haven’t learned yet, so eventually more people can learn from what I learned.

I’m ready for the new rollercoaster and let’s the new ride begin.